My Favorite Blend of Citrus Essential Oils

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Citrus oils have been proven to raise temper, calm nervousness, alleviate despair and actually make you are feeling lighter.

Research on the Results of citrus perfume on immune operate and depressive states discovered that “citrus perfume was simpler than antidepressants.”

The analysis discovered that “citrus perfume can restore the stress-induced immunosuppression, suggesting that citrus perfume could affect restoring the homeostatic stability”, or normalizing hormone ranges and restoring stress-induced immunosuppression, returning the immune system to wholesome operate.  Psychological well being is believed to correlate to hormonal and immune well being and this examine sought to “restore psychological well being by stimulation of one of many sensory methods (i.e. sense of scent).  Smelling citrus allowed depressive topics to “markedly scale back” the doses of antidepressants vital for the therapy of despair.

Additional research discovered that lemon oil relieves stress. The examine examined the anti-stress motion of the important oils of lavender, rose, and lemon by inducing stress in mice and located that “lemon oil had the strongest anti-stress impact”.

Researchers hypothesize “that the antidepressant-like impact of lemon oil is carefully associated with the 5-HTnergic pathway (which accelerates the turnover of the reward neurotransmitter dopamine within the mind), particularly by way of 5-HT (1A) receptor. Furthermore, the lemon oil considerably accelerated the metabolic turnover of DA within the hippocampus and of 5-HT within the prefrontal cortex and striatum. These outcomes counsel that lemon oil possesses anxiolytic, antidepressant-like results by way of the suppression of DA exercise associated to enhanced 5-HTnergic neurons.”  Related animal research discovered that lemon important oil reduces nervousness.

Further research on the Olfactory influences on temper and autonomic, endocrine, and immune operate supplied strong proof that lemon oil reliably enhances optimistic temper in comparison with water and lavender no matter expectations or earlier use of aromatherapy. Furthermore, norepinephrine ranges remained elevated when topics smelled lemon.”

Equally, orange important oil “demonstrated acute anxiolytic (nervousness decreasing) exercise” in an animal rat study on the Anxiolytic-like impact of candy orange.

How Important Oils Raise Temper

Important oils journey by way of the nasal passageways to the mind the place they bind to olfactory receptors. From there they attain the emotional middle of the mind, often known as the limbic system, the place they’ll positively affect mind chemistry to spice up your temper and calm nervousness and despair.

As you could know, your sense of scent connects on to the a part of your mind that regulates the discharge of a number of main hormones.  These hormones instantly impacting how you are feeling and the way you operate.

Scent travels by way of your olfactory system to your hypothalamus a area of your mind that acts as your hormonal management middle, by means of your amygdala in your limbic system.  Whenever you scent an important oil for the hypothalamus, it stimulates your hypothalamus to launch different hormones and neurotransmitters that affect your emotional state. (Extra HERE).

Research validates this, noting “inhalation of important oils can talk alerts to the olfactory system and stimulate the mind to exert neurotransmitters (e.g. serotonin and dopamine) thereby additional regulating temper.”

Extra research shows that important oils can considerably affect the mind, calming emotional states and reducing blood strain, coronary heart charge, and pores and skin temperature, which indicated a lower of autonomic arousal.

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My Favourite Citrus Important Oil Mix to Raise Your Temper

Probably the most highly effective therapeutic outcomes are obtained when particular person important oils are blended along with different important oils. This has been demonstrated in numerous analysis research and has been my private expertise and that of the 1000’s of practitioners who work with our oils.

You would possibly consider particular person important oils like particular person devices: a mix is extra like a symphony the place the person oils reply to one another and modify their particular person frequencies to kind a harmonious, coherent, purposeful mix designed to raise your temper.

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The citrus oils contained in Small Gut Assist™ assist to raise your temper and clear your power in order that you don’t tackle or carry unfavourable feelings for others.

On the bodily stage, your small gut performs a crucial function within the digestion course of, absorbing and assimilating key vitamins whereas stopping dangerous pathogens and toxins from getting into the physique.

On an emotional stage, the small gut performs a equally discerning function with feelings, serving to to know experiences and decide wholesome and acceptable relationships and bounds.

It’s also an space the place you could maintain deep childhood scars of rejection, abandonment or abuse; unfavourable ideas fueled by emotions of lack of self-worth, low self‐esteem, loneliness, neglect and anxieties about survival and success.

Vibrant Blue Oils Emotion Steadiness Small Gut Assist™ mix helps the wholesome functioning of the small gut because it kinds and transforms meals, emotions and concepts into helpful elements for the physique/thoughts.  It additionally helps appropriate imbalances the place you’re overly in tune with different’s criticism, emotions or opinions on the expense of your individual.

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Citrus Oils for Temper in Small Gut Assist


Grapefruit important oil will help ease muscle fatigue and stiffness, enhance circulation and relieve nervous exhaustion and efficiency stress.  Research revealed by the Journal of Pharmaceutical Well being Care and Sciences discovered grapefruit important oil to be the best at lifting temper and decreasing  stress markers.  On emotional and non secular ranges, grapefruit is alleged to deal with an individual’s self-acceptance and launch self-abuse patterns.


Lemongrass important oil has been used to deal with stress problems along with lemongrass tea being a standard treatment for despair and agitation.

Research attests to the anti-stress properties of lemongrass important oil as measured by way of the discount in stress hormones like cortisol, dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline.  Lemongrass additionally incorporates highly effective antiseptic, antidiarrheal, antifungal, and antibacterial properties which will help alleviate stress on the immune system.


Lime oil was discovered to be “simpler than antidepressants.”  (Study).  It clears trapped feelings and ideas, serving to to beat stagnant energies – together with grief, despair, apathy nervousness, despair, listlessness fatigue, overwhelm, or a heavy coronary heart. Stimulates drive for clear boundaries, opening the door for completely satisfied, wholesome, and heart-focused relationships.  Additional, the Lime oil will help promote emotional grounding, encouraging a stability between the guts and thoughts, the connection of which helps you floor. Analysis has demonstrated that citrus oils, like Lime, assist stimulate the manufacturing of glutathione, an antioxidant recognized to guard you towards irritation and scale back our possibilities of creating autoimmunity in addition to normalize “neuroendocrine hormone ranges and immune operate.”


Animal research means that litsea regulates central nervous system exercise (modulating GABA receptor subtypes) to scale back nervousness.  Litsea cubeba helps clear expression of emotional wants in a extra constructive method, releases unfavourable feelings and promotes rest, psychological readability and restful sleep.

Crimson Mandarin

Mandarin important oil acts as a calming agent for agitated nerves and reduces stress and emotional imbalance. Mandarin important oil has been discovered to own anti-anxiety and sedative properties and should assist to alleviate nervousness, despair, nervousness, and promote a wholesome sleep.  It might work as an prompt temper booster, serving to to modify off an overactive thoughts, promote rest and relieve nervous and muscular spasms.

Research monitoring nurse-delivered aromatherapy as a part of affected person care discovered that mandarin important oil confirmed “important medical enhancements” in reducing nervousness.

Mandarin is thought to have quite a few emotional advantages. It’s thought to be being extremely uplifting and blends nicely with a number of different important oils.


Sandalwood important oil is thought for its anxiolytic (nervousness decreasing) properties and is reputed to be helpful for despair, nervousness, and stress-related issues.  It demonstrates particularly highly effective, grounding, antidepressant exercise when inhaled.

In truth, in a double blind inhalation study of 220 topics, Sandalwood important oil was rated essentially the most sedative of 12 important oils or fragrances by measuring electrodermal exercise, and it was rated the second most calming odor by self-assessment.

Sandalwood’s predominant compound, alpha-santalol, is believed to assist enhancement in temper and attentiveness, in line with a study published within the worldwide journal Planta Medica.

Excessive-quality sandalwood oil incorporates greater than 90% santalols. Research discovered that santalols from sandalwood oil have sedative results on the central nervous system in mice. In one other small study, inhalation of sandalwood oil appeared to have a optimistic impact in decreasing nervousness.  Extra analysis discovered that transdermal absorption of sandalwood oil has proven “harmonizing” results and the principle element, α-santalol had a calming/sedative impact.

A similar study revealed within the Journal of Complementary Therapies in Medical Observe discovered “that Sandalwood oil is efficient in decreasing nervousness.”  Within the examine, sufferers who have been receiving palliative care felt rather more relaxed and fewer anxious after they obtained aromatherapy with sandalwood previous to receiving care, in comparison with sufferers who didn’t obtain sandalwood.

Essential oil safety expert Robert Tisserand notes that Sandalwood important oil has been discovered to be “calming each by way of inhalation and transdermal absorption”.   Tisserand shares analysis on “transdermally absorbed however not inhaled”, Sandalwood that was discovered to be calming, decreasing blood strain and coronary heart charge in wholesome topics.


Soothes and sedates the physique, relieving nervousness, pressure, stress, systemic irritation which in flip soothes despair, anger and impulsive responses. Tangerine additionally promotes hormonal secretions that assist the physique loosen up into calm.

Research on the usage of aromasticks to assist with sleep issues discovered that inhaling tangerine important oil via an aromastick (a private inhaler gadget containing important oils) considerably improved sleep.  Tangerine important oil is believed to calm the thoughts and loosen up the physique, permitting for a peaceable sleep.  92% of these studied reported that they might proceed to inhale tangerine important oil to assist rest and restful sleep.  Tangerine important oil has additionally been discovered to assist stress administration, assuaging despair and relieve nervousness.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang important oil works instantly on mind chemical substances to scale back nervousness and despair.

Ylang Ylang is believed to stability the central nervous system, calm blood strain and assist psychological rest, all of which assist to calm despair nervousness. It has been additionally reported to have blood strain reducing impact suggesting its potential use in managing hypertension.

Research has discovered Ylang Ylang “certainly possess sedative, stress-free, and in addition harmonization results” and offers “reduction of despair and stress.”

A study on The results of the inhalation methodology utilizing important oils on blood strain and stress responses of purchasers with important hypertension discovered that inhaling lavender, ylang ylang, and bergamot oils as soon as day by day for 4 weeks diminished cortisol ranges, psychological stress, and blood strain in individuals with important hypertension.

An extra clinical study concluded that each cortisol and systolic blood strain declines after inhalation of a mix of lavender, ylang ylang, marjoram, and neroli oil in these with hypertension or pre-high blood strain

Equally, animal analysis discovered that ylang ylang important oil and its main constituents (benzyl benzoate, linalool, and benzyl alcohol) scale back nervousness in mice, and modifies neurotransmitter ranges (decreases dopamine within the striatum and enhance serotonin within the hippocampus).


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